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Cashmere/ silk - My way

  • 375,00 kr

Quality: 50% Cashmere, 50% Silk

Running length: 100g/ 400m

Recommended needle size: 3 - 4

Knit strength: 24 - 26 m/ 10 cm

Washing instructions: Hand wash in cold water - dry flat

AKW scale: A

This is one of our absolute luxury bases. If you suffer from allergies, this is the perfect base for you. We have spent a long time finding a cashmere quality that was in order and this is it. It is recommended to knit with wooden needles, as the smooth fibers make the thread easily slide over the needle and with metal needles, it can suddenly go a little too fast. It may also be a good idea to wind the yarn up by hand, as these fibers can again cause it to slide down the spool. So enjoy your delicious yarn, make a cup of coffee and watch your fat slowly transform into something you can knit - Enjoy the process! Please note that due to the heavy fibres, the yarn may stretch a little after use, so feel free to knit your sweater 2 - 3 cm shorter than intended.

We work a lot with image editing of our products and we do our best to achieve the most natural image of the yarn. However, you should be aware that the colors may vary, depending on the screen you are viewing the images on.