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About us

The yarn is my canvas....

My name is Bettina and I am the person behind A Knitters World. I am married to Uffe and together we have two lovely children. I am trained as a sheepherder but became allergic to agriculture and took a superstructure on my education as an agricultural technologist, which in short means that I can advise farmers on how to look after their animals best.

But as fate would have it, my daughter was diagnosed with ADHD and Asperger's and my son with ADHD. This overturned our image of the perfect family and I had to be the one who stayed home and took care of the children. Uffe is self-employed within the fish farming sector and so it is not easy to take everything off the calendar to go home.

I started knitting when the children were diagnosed, when I found out that I had to have something that could de-stress me. This is where my mother taught me to knit. After a few months where I often went up to my mother because I had lost a mask or similar, I found out that youtube was a brilliant channel. After this, things went fast and the first blouses, blankets and various winter knitwear came off the pegs quickly.

After a few years of struggle, both children went to special school and it wasn't long before many things in the home were under control. This was my calling to move on and I got a job as an office mouse in my husband's company. Working with fish is fine....... but my dream was and is knitting and that's why I chose to jump into it and started dyeing yarn. After a few courses it worked and my short time at design school in Copenhagen could suddenly be used for something,

After a number of years with a webshop, we chose to open a physical store in 2021. This became possible for us because we chose to build our own house and it was a good fit to just build a little more so that I had my own dye shop and a small shop or showroom.

Quality over quantity is my motto. Quality means everything to me. It's a pain to buy a lot of yarn if the color doesn't last or it e.g. rubs off. All my yarn is dyed with acid dyes and I guarantee light, washable and rub-resistant color and I will return the money if anything else is experienced.

Since I have developed this allergy, I thought it was a matter of course to get yarn home that I could tolerate and thus others could tolerate as well. So with the exception of quite a few products, most of my yarn is more or less allergy friendly. I have good feedback from people who have hand allergies and have not knitted for several years and who suddenly can now knit when they knit in my yak yarn.

So here I am and here is my world. I hope you like my yarn as much as I do and I hope you can find something delicious for your knitting projects.




Bettina Legardt Nielsen