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Summer Breeze Tee

  • 45,00 kr

Summer Breeze Tee is a nice summer t-shirt with small details that make it different and yet usable in everyday life. It is knitted from top to bottom without any kind of assembly. First, a 5 cm ribbed edge is knitted and then purl stitches are knitted at the same time as raglan increases. The rib along the sleeve and down the body is a nice detail, but a detail that can easily be omitted if you just want a plain t-shirt. If you leave out the ribs on the body piece, you can put approx. 8 cm to the shirt's measurement in width. The body and sleeves are then divided, which are knitted in the round and finished separately. It is a good idea to knit the body approx. 3 cm shorter than the recipe says if you choose to knit it with yarn that has silk in it, as this will weigh down the blouse and thus make it a few cm longer over time. I recommend a negative ease/movement space of 5 - 10 cm. That is, you knit the model smaller than you are.


Size: XS(S)M(L) XL(XXL) 3XL(4XL)5XL

Chest measurement of the shirt: 70(78) 88(96)106 (116)126 (134) 144 cm

Full length: 56(57) 58(58.5)59(59) 60(60)61 cm

Yarn: A Knitters World Merino/ silk 100g/ 425m

Yarn consumption: 175(200) 225(250) 275(325)350(350) 375g

Yarn consumption in meters: 744(850)956(1062)1168(1381)1488(1488)1593 meters

Stick: Circular needle no. 3.5 mm. + 3.25 mm. for ribs

If necessary, choose thinner or thicker stick to achieve correct knitting strength.

Knit strength: 27 stitches x 34 rows of 10 cm in stocking stitch on circular needle no. 3.5