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Mohair Sport - Beach House

  • 249,00 kr

Quality: 77% Superkid Mohair, 23% Silk

Running length: 50 g/ 350m

Recommended needle size: 4 - 6

Knit strength: 24 - 28 m/ 10 cm

Washing instructions: Hand wash in cold water - dry flat

AKW scale: C

Mohair is not just mohair..... mohair is hair and not wool. Therefore, the shorter the hair, the more it itches - just like if we had a cress cut. Economically, the producers get more out of shearing the goats often and thus get more yarn out of it, than letting them grow long-haired. The longer the hairs, the more they lie down along our skin and therefore itch less. It is not recommended for allergy sufferers and therefore has a category C, but if you are "just" sensitive, I would recommend that you try this, as it is really different. This luxury mohair runs only 350m on 50g. It will be very thick if you knit with two threads. Therefore, for example, PetiteKnit's "Kumulus blouse" will be fine in just one strand of this mohair.

Our mohair is CSM certified (Certified Sustainable Mohair), which means that everything from how the mohair goat feels, lives and is taken care of to how the people who look after them feel and get their wages, etc., are monitored all the time. This means that you can buy our mohair without a guilty conscience and thus support Africa's mohair goats and their shepherds. They ensure that the goats are well and the people get their wages and have decent working conditions

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