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White yak 50/50 - My way

  • 275,00 kr

Quality: 50% Yak, 50% Silk

Running length: 10 0g/ 400m

Recommended needle size: 3 - 4

Knit strength: 24 - 26 m/ 10 cm

Washing instructions: Hand wash in cold water - dry flat

AKW scale: A

Our best selling base is the dark yak. This is the same version - just in white. After cashmere, this yak base is the softest we have and it is perfect for wool allergy sufferers, as it does not contain wool from sheep and thus no lanolin, which is often what you react to. In addition, it is a delicious light base in which you do not get too hot and therefore it is good for e.g. summer blouses or sweaters that should not be too warm. Due to the slightly heavy fibres, it is recommended to knit your sweater 2 - 3 cm shorter than intended, as it may give a little length in use. This base contains 50% silk, which may cause it to tease a little when wound on a cross key device. Therefore it may be a good idea to win it up by hand. Make a cup of coffee and enjoy your luxury yarn while you wind it up.

We work a lot with image editing of our products and we do our best to achieve the most natural image of the yarn. However, you should be aware that the colors may vary, depending on the screen you are viewing the images on.