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100% Cotton - Rococo

  • 175,00 kr

Quality: 100% Pima Cotton

Running length: 100g/ 220m

Recommended needle size: 4 - 5

Knit strength: 20 - 22 m/ 10 cm

Washing instructions: Machine wash at max 30 degrees - dry flat

AKW scale: A

This yarn is made from one of the finest types of cotton in the world - namely PIMA Cotton. The cotton is hand-picked 3 times a year. The Pima fibers are longer than normal cotton fibers and are, among other things, softer than other cottons. Some say it also has a 50% longer lifespan than other cotton.....

In any case, it is a completely fantastic yarn for the woolly types and that is precisely why it is also in category A on our AKW - Scale.

We work a lot with image editing of our products and we do our best to achieve the most natural image of the yarn. However, you should be aware that the colors may vary, depending on the screen you are viewing the images on.