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Julegave strik

Christmas gift knitting

Christmas 2022 is approaching......

For some it means coziness, togetherness and ego knitting - for others it means stress, hustle and gift knitting. Christmas should be nice. It is about family and presence and it is about us being together, which we also need after the violent corona time.

Personally, I love Christmas and all the things it brings, even if it sometimes means a little stress.... Christmas can be different every year depending on what happens in your life. With us, this means that I try to set expectations so that they match the profit (like many others, I probably set my expectations too high). But this year I'm in a real Christmas mood - much more than I have been in the past few years and what does that mean for me, my family and A Knitters World....

Personally, this means that already at the beginning of November I started planning which wreaths, Christmas decorations etc. I wanted in the house this year and when we reached the middle of November, I had pretty much decorated the whole house. I have more money than I have had for a long time, so I am betting heavily on even more Christmas baking than I usually do. My lovely husband told the children that it was to support and support mother when she was in such a Christmas mood this year. This meant that at the end of November we went on a trip across the border and went Christmas shopping. It was extremely pleasant.

Regarding my private knitting at Christmas, every year I try to have big ambitions to knit something for the closest family members as a Christmas present or Advent gift, which almost never succeeds, as I am a total ego knitter and often regret the project before I get started . This year I don't want to knit Christmas presents for anyone, but have decided to knit a hate gift for my dear mother as an extra Advent gift. It's something we do.... In this case, both my mother and I hate knitted Christmas decorations, so of course I've gone out and invested in the book "Strikket jule pynt" by Thea Rytter. Here I have knitted 4 stars from the book and must admit that they are not even that ugly hi hi. They are just knitted from scraps from the stash.

My second project is a Terazzo Neck by PetiteKnit. It is knitted in a thread Tweed DK and a thread Mohair Sport, both undyed. It was supposed to be for my mother for the 2nd Advent.... but hmmm it's actually turned out so delicious that I'm considering keeping it myself hi hi. Now I'll finish knitting it, then I'll have to see. It actually only took 2 - 3 days to knit, so I could quickly knit one for myself, but it's a bit boring to knit the same one again.

My third project for the 3rd Advent for my mother is a smaller rug. I was in Italy this summer with the family and bought some chunky yarn home. I bought 6 keys. It was originally supposed to be a large scarf or neckerchief, but it was far too thick for that. So now it becomes a leg blanket for her. But with chunky yarn, 6 skeins is not much. So now I've been in and ordered 4 keys of white Drops Andes. Then I will knit 2 skeins from Italy and 2 skeins of the Andes alternately, so it will be a little longer.

On the 4th Sunday in Advent, I haven't come up with anything yet....

With regard to A Knitters World, Christmas means gifts of knitting and extra cozy knitting, and therefore a lot of yarn is also being sold these days. Everything from 1 skein of 100% Cashmere to 7 skeins of Tweed yarn. This Christmas I have decided to make an Advent podcast, which will be released every Advent Sunday on YouTube. Here I will make a regular podcast first, as you know it and at the end of each video, I will make a smaller video about some Christmas project. The first video has been posted and here the additional video is about how to make dried oranges. The videos will probably not be that long, since I can only show what I have knitted in the past week, but some are also right and we are quite a few podcasters who have chosen to make such an Advent podcast, so it's just that jump into youtube and start from the end. it is enormously nice and personally I see several of them.

You can find my videos here

While we are watching these videos, most of us are knitting and I would very much like to come up with a few ideas for gift knitting or maybe just for ego knitting, because that is also perfectly fine!

Easy Peasy Filipa Wrist Warmers

You can find the recipe here

I have knitted 2 pairs of these myself and they are extremely easy to knit. I have knitted them in our 100% Cashmere Sport which you can find here

For 1 pair, you need 1 skein (55g), but with 2 skeins, you can actually knit 3 pairs of wrist warmers. So this is a really good Advent gift, Christmas gift or perhaps a hostess gift.

Heatwave Scarf

You can find the recipe here

This is a beautiful, simple, elegant scarf and, not least, quick and easy to knit. What's not to like.....

It just requires a single thick mohair and then you quickly have a small gift or a delicious scarf yourself. You can find our mohair here

Midsummer Night Shawl

You can find the recipe here

This beautiful and large shawl requires almost no yarn. 1 skein of a delicious hand-dyed yarn (100g) and a skein of Mohair (50g) - that's all you need. Do you have something in store? If not, you can use all the yarn that is here and then 1 fat mohair, which you find here

Easy Peasy Bandana

You can find the recipe here

Bandanas have become incredibly popular and it's no wonder! They are so useful and provide just enough warmth, especially in these cold days. This bandana is designed for our 100% Cashmere Aran which you will find here

You need 1 fat for the small model and 2 fat for the large model. It will be one of the softest things you've knitted in a long time and it won't be easy to get rid of if it was intended to be given away as a gift etc. Now it's said !

This was just a quick and small selection of gift ideas for Christmas. I hope that you adapt your Christmas so that it becomes cozy and family-friendly instead of stressful and rushed.

Merry Christmas